You Are Right!

It would be more rewarding to spend time with your family, instead of sitting in traffic for endless hours day after day, travelling back and forth from work. It would make more sense to have lower living expenses and have extra money for the things you really want. Life is short and you can’t wait for retirement to follow your dreams of living a more affordable, carefree lifestyle. It makes sense to live in a beautiful location where you only ever used to vacation. There is such a place and you can call it home – Bruce County. So, you are right! You are so right!  Now, what are you going to do about it?

Make Bruce County Your Home

It’s time to stop wondering and start wandering here in Bruce County. Discover the home you’ve been dreaming about and experience a completely new way of life. Explore nature just beyond your doorstep, breathe in fresh air, and uncover all the possibilities living here has to offer.

Mother, father and daughter walking dig through Paisley smiling

Owning a business is more than a dream in Bruce County

While driving back to their cottage in Sauble Beach after a trip, James Colaço and his wife, Ranna Naipaul-Colaço, took a different route through the town of Paisley. One drive through town was all they needed to know they were in love.

It was the unique charm of the town, with its vibrant local community and artistic character, that attracted them. They decided to take the leap and purchase a restaurant with two floors of apartment space above. The second storey became an extension of the restaurant and the third floor transformed into their forever home. Finally, James and Ranna opened the doors to their new restaurant, the Paisley Common, in March 2021.

“The move felt really organic and natural to us. This is a community that welcomes everyone,” said James, emphasizing how thankful he was for all the support he and his family received from the community. Like many people they were overwhelmed by the cost of living in the city, and now spend time and money on the things that matter most.

James says he wishes more people could experience the kind of freedom he and Ranna have gained through their move. “If our story inspires you, make the move. There is a lot of opportunity in Bruce County, for work, play, entrepreneurship, people, and friends.”

Compare living here to living where you live now:

In Bruce County you have the freedom to explore, space to create, and inspiration to make a living while enjoying your life to the fullest.  Life in Bruce County is limitless, with endless opportunities—that’s what makes it worth exploring.

A Women standing on a beach with a lake backdrop in the twilight

Experiencing a warm welcome from a new community after relocating from the city

When Neha Bhatia began to pack her bags in her Toronto apartment during the onset of the pandemic to move to a small town in Bruce County, she was hesitant and nervous. But she overcame those fears and let her excitement drive her forward. She made the move during a time when we all questioned where and how we spend our lives.

“When I came here it was the generosity of my neighbours that made me feel so welcome,” says Neha. “I’ve made so many friends, both in person and through online groups, which isn’t so common in the city.”
No longer faced with trying to catch her breath on the weekends, Neha is embracing a more evenly paced lifestyle, appreciating the beauty of the routine experiences in life.

“Relocating to a small town was not something I was ever ready to do. But after I did it, and got adjusted, I would never go back,” says Neha.

Find the Right Community

Looking for laid-back living by the lake? How about a quaint village vibe with a cool arts scene? Or lots of shopping and restaurants within minutes of home?  Small town life in Bruce County doesn’t have to mean remote living, though it can be if that’s what you crave. Living here is more than putting down roots; it’s waking up every day, looking out your window, and saying “wow, aren’t I lucky?”. Explore the map below to find the community that sparks your “wow”.

Working Here

Work life balance isn’t a trendy conversation here. It’s a daily fact. And to be honest, the life you get to pack into every moment, with a book by the lake or on a bike or pair of skis, is far more rewarding than just talking about it.

Your choices of employment here range between our largest employers in the energy sector and food production to tourism, agri-business, culture, technology and our creative entrepreneurial clusters.

You’ll find the job you’re looking for or the help you need to create the business you’ve always dreamed about.

Woman seeking for jobs on her laptop.

A range of job opportunities are available in Bruce County. Use this job board to find a match that suits your skills.

Micro brewer standing beside his brewing tanks

You’ll find welcoming communities and lots of support for building your passion into a thriving enterprise. Meet with our team of professionals to learn how to open or expand your business in Bruce County.

Family of 4 standing in front of their packed U-Haul truck on a chilly morning

Jumping at the chance for a life living by the lake

Dreading being stuck living in the city for the long haul, Chantelle Riberdy moved her family of four with their puppy in tow from Kitchener to Sauble Beach on a whim in 2020.

“We haven’t looked back once. It’s been the best decision of our lives,” says Chantelle.

Like it did for Chantelle and her family, your life can change in the blink of an eye. The culture of being overwhelmingly busy is being flipped upside down. Is life really about constantly waiting for the weekend? What about a new perspective — one where we choose to slow down to enjoy what matters most to us.

Take Chantelle’s advice, “When you’re manifesting big dreams, whether they happen today or two years from now, you have to jump at the opportunity when it presents itself. I tell myself all the time, ‘I can’t believe we live here’.”

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